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Innovative Medical Origins


The present climate of healthcare is both exasperating and dissatisfying--at least, that is how we felt.  For these reasons and more, we are turning healthcare on its ear with the aim of providing you with convenient and affordable concierge-based care in a manner that keeps the important things at the forefront.   

Concierge internal medicine and aesthetic medicine
The Next Generation of Medicine

After several years of finding that traditional medical practice was neither very effective for the patient nor for the provider, the brainchild of Innovative Medical, Dr. Kelli Yacono, has developed the concept of "innovating" medicine into a convenient and cost-effective strategy.  With the holistic approach to treatment in the crosshairs of her focus, time spent with the patient is never skimped on.  We are excited for this breakthrough and would love to welcome you to the practice.  

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