Progressive Members
  • 24/7 phone, email and text message access to your doctor
  • Same-Day appointments

  • Online appointment booking

  • Access to your records (portal)

  • Quality, concierge-based care      (at a fraction of the cost of other membership practices)

  • Hospital visits**

  • One-time visit with a certified personal trainer

  • Monthly health education sessions/emails

  • Access to a clinical pharmacist to address any and all types of medication questions

Our members enjoy all of this for an annual membership fee of $599

($399 for those under 45 years old)

Innovative Members
Home/Business Visit Member
  • Receive the same high quality care as our Progressive Members, but in the comfort of your own home or business
  • Annual Membership is $999​
Aesthetic Member
  • Receive the same high quality care as Progressive Members
  • Receive 4 Microdermabrasion treatments
  • ​Receive one lotion
  • Receive 20 units of Botox
  • Receive periodic discounts on other products and services exclusive to members
  • Home aesthetic visits optional depending on product/services purchased
  • Annual Membership is $999
Healthy Lifestyles Member
  • Receive the same high quality care as Progressive Members
  • Receive 4 sessions with a certified personal trainer
  • Go grocery shopping with your doctor and understand the benefits of certain foods and how and why to avoid others
  • Annual Membership is $999
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Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for membership fees, aesthetic treatments, video visits, personal training sessions, or insurance copay coverage.

Please note that payment is due at the time that care or services are rendered.